VEX Window Tint can tint office building and gas station windows

If you’re looking for a company that can tint the windows of your office or gas station, look no further. VEX Window Tint offers commercial window tinting in Lake Charles, LA.

We use SunTek window film to ensure you have the best quality materials at your business. We have a wealth of experience tinting a variety of windows, so you can count on us for a smooth, glossy finish. We’ll work with you to figure out how dark your film should be. We’ll then install the film on your windows quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with us now to enhance your commercial property with quality window tinting.

The benefits of commercial window tinting

Professional window tinting can give your building a sleek, modern look. It can also:

  • Help maintain a steady indoor temperature, saving you money on energy bills.
  • Reduce hotspots, glares and heat, leading to a comfortable environment.
  • Shade the valuables and machinery at your property.

Hire us today to make sure your window film is installed correctly.