Stabilize the Temperature in Your Home

Select VEX Window Tint for residential window tinting in Lake Charles, LA

Is there a room in your home that’s always warmer than the other rooms? Maybe your windows are letting in too much sunlight and heat. Residential window tinting from VEX Window Tint can help cut down on the heat entering your home, which can also lower your energy bills.

You can trust our Lake Charles, LA window tinting company to install residential window film while being respectful of your home. Though we only install film on the inside of your windows, the film will improve the look of your home’s interior and exterior. We offer free estimates, so call us now to discuss your window tinting needs.

Protect your property and your health

Residential window tinting is beneficial to many aspects of your home and health. Take a look at some of those benefits below:

  • Window tinting can block a significant amount of ultraviolet light, keeping sunrays from damaging your furniture, curtains and valuables.
  • Window tinting can reduce heat and shield you from sunburns.
  • Window tinting can reduce glare on your television and other devices.

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